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We Are Getting Married

Peace Be With You

God has made everything beautiful in time. Beautiful when we were brought togheter, nurtured with love and care. Beautiful when we were united in holy marriage bond.
Leonhard Stefanus Nopaberio S.Tr.Akun
The First Son Of
Mr. Rachmat Kartadiredja &
 Mrs. Paskalia Yosefin (Kwee Gwat Nio)
Teresa Devi Paramita S.Ak.
The Youngest Daughter Of
Mr. Toni Hermanto (Tan Tjoe Ang) &
 Mrs. Yeni Christiani (Oei Swan Ling)

Our Special Event

Wedding Events

Gereja Katolik St. Ignatius Cimahi
Jl. Baros No. 8, Cimahi
at 11.00 am


Our Intimate Wedding will be held with great attention to health protocols and limited number of invited guest, due to pandemic condition. Therefore, we suggest our guest to following health protocols before entering the venue. We genuinely appreciate the support and prayers.
Rio & Devi

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Matthew 19 : 6

“So they are no longer two, but one flesh. Therefore what God has joined together, let no one separate.”

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